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We are a strategic planning firm. However, our services go a lot further than that, but strategy is fundamental to every decision and move we make to achieve your business objectives.

Innovative and focused. Intuitive and conscious. Creative yet pragmatic. These are the qualities we lead with and live by.

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“Team work makes the dream work” - cheesy, but true. There’s a method to our madness when it comes down to the way we operate. While we have just two core team members, we have strategically partnered with an army of skilled, talented specialists who ensure your project needs are met and managed precisely. Get in touch with us for more cheesy quotes or information on how our partnerships work.


Anne McKinnon

Founder & Director of Strategic Planning

Anne is a specialist in developing and executing corporate, brand, and marketing strategies across a wide spectrum of industries including FMCG (consumables, household, personal care and pharmaceutical products); energy, industrial, transportation, financial, legal, electronics, healthcare, senior living and recycling services domestically and internationally for over 25 years. She brings a broad portfolio of experience having worked in marketing, advertising, and market research achieving senior management positions within several leading multi-nationals both in Canada and Australia. She brings passion and respect for optimizing the potential and performance of brands, and proven ability to provide actionable and reliable strategic consulting to corporate executives, and marketers of the world's leading brands.

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Elle Toms

Account Manager

Elle joined Lead & Anchor in July of 2018 with a strong background in marketing and digital media Project Management. She moved to Calgary, Alberta from Victoria, BC when offered an opportunity to work at an internationally recognized Digital + Creative Marketing Agency. She quickly excelled in the fast-paced and deadline driven agency environment, uncovering skill and passion for brand strategy, copywriting and project/account management. Her experience has introduced her to a variety of sectors, such as education, senior living, construction, spirits, entertainment, food, hospitality, and real estate.

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