Fortune favours the well-branded.

Our history and experience with leading global brands has taught us one thing - every move they make is driven by research, assessment and strategy. And that’s where we come in.

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We are Lead & Anchor. A strategic brand, marketing and creative services agency headquartered in Calgary, Canada.

We operate similarly to that of a relay race. Each leg is as important as the one before it, knowing that the race is won or lost at the handoff. Using proven models and processes that flow seamlessly, we lead - while you anchor.


Our process, your race.


We lead by conducting detailed research on your competitive landscape, gaining a better understanding of your current brand and market position versus that of your competitors. We then moderate an internal branding session with key stakeholders and members of your team to get to the core of your unique offer as well as your goals, successes and setbacks. Using tailored prompts, we interview your customers and/or resellers of your products and services because experience has taught us that buyers and users are a critical source of insight into how to distinctively position your brand.


Armed with information and a firm understanding of who you are and where you want to go, we plan on how to get you there. Depending on your needs, we specialize in planning your brand, marketing, customer engagement, and retail strategies. We look at all three customer touch points to ensure the power of your brand cuts through the competition. From generating awareness to facilitating conversions, to a captured sale at retail, and ultimately how to best continuously engage with your customers post-purchase. Strategic planning is fundamental to every decision and move we make. Words we live by ‘do it right from the beginning or not at all.’


Creative is where strategy comes to play. We uncover and define your brand’s personality, mood, tone, and style. From there, we’re able to build campaign and brand strategies that best support your objectives and goals. Creative impact drives cut-through, which is why we ensure your identity and creative assets are truly distinctive, emotive, and successful at creating long term memories for your brand among your key customer groups. We are well-resourced with a skilled and diverse team of dedicated designers, developers, copywriters, photographers, videographers, social and digital media specialists who deliver, everytime.


The final leg is run by the anchor, you. Your retail environment takes the team across the finish line, but experience has taught us that 90% of brands fail here. Why? Because there’s a disconnect between what you say you’re offering and what the actual experience ends up being for your customers. While your advertising and promotional efforts did their job in capturing interest and consideration of your product or service, once there, they may become reluctant to follow through with a purchase in the presence of competitor brands. We ensure that you succeed by having well-developed retail strategies to optimize, streamline and facilitate an easy, eager, and confident sales process - making magic happen.